Sex with a spouse has no limitation in Islam except while the woman is on her period or having sex through the anus. Hence, keeping the limitations in mind, using sex toys to spice up the session between a man and his wife shouldn't be considered haraam.

My question is concerning the products and the design of most sex toys. As it's known that sex toys generally come in the shape of men/women's genitalia. Does that comes under the issue of taswir; "Imitation of the creation of Allah"?

I generally thought that the issue of taswir had mostly to do with the idea of drawing portraits (ie realistic drawing of humans and/ animals) or sculptures and putting them up as display or something of that nature. However, I always thought there's been this grey spot, where the ruling comes mainly under portrait and not body parts per se, that is if I am saying it correctly. So, if I am not mistaken, drawing a separate and a singular image of the arm wouldn't be haram or an image of the leg, neck, eye, nose, lips. But a collection of all these together to create a face aka a portrait is haram.

I am hoping for some clarification and an explanation on the ruling of taswir in light of these sex toys.

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