AsSalam aly kaum

I cannot recall if I woke up to read my fajr prayers. The last I recall was that I was still up at 2.40am (FAJR azaan is at 3.06am) and I went to the bathroom. This is my usual time and I would have gone to offer me ablution. However, I woke up at 6.24am hesitantly trying to understand if I prayed or not.

Please advise me on something as Alhamdullilah I have not intentionally missed any of my prayers since Ramadan finished.

Look forward to your replyrics.



You will have to re-form your prayers.

The following below translated the quotation of Sheikh Ibn Baz's fatwa for this issue/question:

When a Muslim is doubtful about performing a specific obligatory Salah, it is obligatory for him to hasten to perform it, because the obligation essentially exists so it should be fulfilled. Thus, it is obligatory for him to hasten to perform it, because the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W says : "Whoever misses a prayer because he sleeps or forgets it should offer it when he remembers it, there is no expiation for it except this." -Fatawa Ibnu Baz Psrt no. 11, Page No 256.


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