Please read in detail, it's not going to be like any social network.

The website will have a two types of users:

1) Regular People

2) Celebrities (TV actors, influencers etc.)

The software will enable Regular People to request and pay Celebrities to record a personalised video message for them. Message can be about a birthday, anniversary, work promotion or few words about a happy occasion (in general).

Regular People and Celebrities won't be able to communicate each. Both will only be able to communicate with Administrator of the software (the client).

The problematic part:

Once I submit my work, the administrator can upload photographs of celebrities (violating Hijab) and if requested, the celebrity can record a video message (again violating the hijab). The celebrities wont be endorsing any products, ruling out any possibility of promoting haram products. The video will directly be shared with person who requested the video and they can share it with their friends and family on social media.

Would I be responsible for the activities which will be performed on the website, like violation of hijaab etc.?

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