Most of the muslims in india are unknown to the topic called "ar-riya".

People go to mosques to show that they are God fearing in many cases.

Since the prophet prayed regularly at his house, my question is how many units did the prophet pray regularly at his house?

  • This is hard to tell, because his practice was variant. For example there's a report that he prayed doha 8 raka'as, not at his house, but in the house of a Sahabi while there are reports saying he prayed two or more. But the fact that most of his practice was either reported by his wives or by his recommdation shows that he at least rarely practiced it publicly. – Medi1Saif May 31 at 6:39
  • " prophet touched Aisha because of paucity of space while praying night prayer". Secondly he prayed sunnah of fajr at home. I'm looking for a minimum number like 11+2 – Preordainment May 31 at 13:08

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