Should I pray the Sunnah Prayer before or after Fard ?

For example, in Asr Salat , 4 rAKAT IS Fard and 4 rakat is sunnah. Should I pray the SunnaH before paring the r dad rakat or after the 4 Fard rakAt ?

  • Please check the site before asking answered questions! You may find answers here and elsewhere on the site. As for 'asr there's no sunnah prayer afterwards as it is makruh to pray between' asr and maghrib (especially after the time of sufra).
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    May 30, 2020 at 13:05
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Salam Alikum Brother,

For Assuna alratibah = السنن الرواتب there are two type: (Sunnah Qabliah = before Fard) and (Sunnah Ba'daih= After Fard):

Sunnah Qabliah=before Fard: - 2 Rakat before Fajr. - 4 Rakat before Dhuhur. 2 + 2 = 4 Seperated

Sunnah Ba'adiah= After Fard: - 2 Rakat After Dhuhur. - 2 Rakat After Maghrib. - 2 Rakat After Isha.

bring the total for alsunnah alratibah to be 12 Rakat.

  • there are no Sunnah Ratibah for Asr Prayer.

now there are other sunnah prayers but they are not Ratibah = سنن رواتب. but it mentioned in the Hadith - من حافظ على أربع قبل الظهر وأربع بعدها حرمه الله علىى النار - رحم الله امرأ صلى أربعًا قبل العصر - بين كل أذانين صلاة، بين كل أذانين صلاة، وقال في الثالثة: لمن شاء ، وقال: صلوا قبل المغرب، صلوا قبل المغرب، ثم قال: فلمن شاء

  • 4 after Dhuhur.
  • 4 befor Asr.
  • between every two Adhan 2 Rakat, 2 Rakat before Maghrib, 2 Rakat before Isha. there are also many more like Dhuha prayer but all of these are not Sunnah Ratibah ,
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