A husband and a wife are living apart and they often do video calling. In video call the husband told her wife to rub her private part and show to him and he instucts her to rub like this or like that... The women got aroused and also women did not insert her fingers inside the vagina but she did not discharge منی(mani) but discharges مذی (madhi). Does this act of women is permissible? Also huband told her to rub her private part and send him a video. Does this act called masterbation as masterbation is haram act. plz reply as early as possible

jazakumAllah khair

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    Video calls can be hacked this is the main reason for these kinds of acts being inappropriate. Further if a person touches himself no matter how it is masturbation. – Medi1Saif May 28 at 6:10
  • If said person believes that video calling someone would lead to something haram just try to refrain from video calling. – Yakoub Ali May 28 at 14:28

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