Recently I read one of Rumi poems but now I can't recall the name of that poem. In that poem, at last lines it was mentioned that the one who love another person more than Allah. Their love will be separated and they will not get what they want. The hatred will prevail in their hearts for each other... I might be wrong but the idea was totally as I mentioned... if anyone can elaborate. Regards


I am afraid I haven't read the poem myself .However I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

If a person loves another person for the sake of Allah , then Allah will love that person. The love of Allah is greater than the love your mother shows to you. There is nothing wrong with loving someone. If you love someone for Allah's Sake, it is equivalent to loving Allah.

As for loving Allah it can be achieved only by acknowledgING who he is; you have to understand who is Allah SWT . You can come to love Allah only through faith , fear and reverence for him.

Hope this helps

Allah knows best.

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