I came upon this post after making sincere dua for guidance on this issue of purchasing a property with a bank loan. The purpose of wanting to purchase a property is to safeguard the protection of my children who are still young and I am unwell but still earning money as a consultant. Alhumdulillah.

As no one knows exactly how long they have on this dunya, and as a single parent, I want to endure my children safety after I am gone but without gaining the wrath of Allah Swt. Ad if owning property for my children means I have to go to jahanam for them not to engage in riba and face the same, I'm begginingnro think, to sacrifice myself for them. My children and I would otherwise never own property. I have saved enough deposit too whilst paying high rents. This was not easy and took a lot of sacrifice.

I'm currently renting. If I pass on what will happen to my children? My family is poor and not in a position to help them and also not practising Muslims.. Sadly, I would not feel good leaving them to them. What is worse? Leaving them in a bad environment or in a safe environment? Is my question.

My eldest daughter is 17 and in 5 years she will 22 and done with her studies and continue paying the balance mortgage (which I will make sure is minimal). Our belived prophet said.tonorotevt our daughters. At least it will make me feel better that they are/ will be secure when I'm gone.

I felt guided to the post for a reason because it's telling me buying my own property, in this time we are living, with riba, is better for me as a Muslim then to rent, safer, lesser of the evils, against being chargedextortionate rents to live in a reasonable area. My daughter did the math and is asking me why I persist in renting when biting would have been better to secure them. Was I foolish. A I responsible for securing them after I die or do I consider my own akhira only? My faith is strong and I believe Allah Swt will provide for them. But Allah Swt said to make dua but to also tie your camel.

My intention tells me to buy irrespective the consequences I will face when meeting with Allah Swt. My main priority is keeping my children safe. As they are.my eemanat from Allah.

Keeping then safe even from riba. In this instance. So should I just in the fire?

I can pay it off over the next 5 years. I otherwise will never be able.to do so. I've been renting for 35 years and have paid a total value of two/three houses my now on renting.

Can anyone please advise me?

  • The verses 8:28 and 64:15 are relevant. I find it troubling how you are willing to give up the pleasure of Allah for the temporary pleasure of your children in this short world. That is notwithstanding the permissablity or impermissability of buying houses with riba in the case of non-muslim countries. – The Z Jun 27 at 19:43

Every scholar agreed saying easy profit with out a risk or work is RIBA

Riba is opression againt poor people by lending money and asking for the same amount + interest

The interesting part is riba isnt just about money but everything if you lend any object and you are asking interest in money it s riba if you lend a car and you are asking for a dinner as interest it s riba

ok now the suspicous one: if you are lending an object and asking the other to return it with interest in form of money ? it is RIBA? "no it s renting"

what are the difference? nothing there is absolutely no difference renting is rich people making profit of poor people who cant buy a house

renting as riba make rich richer and poor poorer renting is making money because of your richness and not because of your work there is absolutely ZERO risk from renting

You will not find any scholard who can explain to you , how it s possible to gain money with out any risk or work while it s not riba

the Prophet saw forbade renting MANY times , you can find some hadith in bukhari and moslim here one of them :

The people used to rent their land for cultivation for one-third, one-fourth or half its yield. The Prophet (SAW) said, "Whoever has land should cultivate it himself or give it to his (Muslim) brother gratis for cultivation; otherwise keep it uncultivated."

the funny part is Rafi( he has a lot of lands ) who also tells one those hadith stopped renting when the prophet was alive and begin to rent again AFTER the death of the prophet saying it s ok to rent for gold and silver because the Prophet didnt forbade about this specific form a rent his explanation are kinda stupid, I let you judge

2327- Rafi Ibn Khadij "Allah be pleased with him" reported: We worked on farms more than anybody else in Medina. We used to rent the land at the yield of specific delimited portion of it to be given to the landlord. Sometimes the vegetation of that portion was affected by blights etc., while the rest remained safe and vice versa, so The Prophet "Allah's blessing and peace be upon him" forbade this practice. At that time gold or silver were not used (in renting the land). tused (in renting the land).

look at this! even the narrator has some pity of his stupid explanation saying there is no gold and silver at that time while we know a lot of hadith of Prophet talking about how using gold and silve it s obivously wrong but let s take acount of the parenthesis added by the narrator : So rafi is saying Prophet forbade renting just because they didnt have the imagination, the idea to rent for gold or silver?!He forbade renting because of a lack of imagination?!

if you have a heart you know renting is haram
in fact it s even more an opression as loans because after 15-20 years you have something AND you dont pay monthly fee anymore but with renting after giving money all your life you have nothing left for your chilfre

Renting is bigger opression than loans it s a bigger riba

how is it possible that something haram because it s opression is less opressing than rent which is the biggest opression

Allah ouwhalam but we should open the debate ask explanation to our scholar on this transaction where the rich gaining money with out effort and risk .How it s not riba and why people begin to rent again after the prophet s death

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