I'm interesting to get the answer of this contradiction which were made by almost of Shia , Really I asked many shia to explain me and to solve me the folllowing believe contradiction : Are you believe in Mohmaed as a prophet ? they answered me yes , And What about Aisha, may God be pleased with her ? They answered me : She is a wife of our Prophet ? I ask again : Are you love Mohamed peace be upon him ? They said :Sure , we love him ? Are you love him wife Aisha ? they answer in silent no ? Why then ? they answer : She was a cause and temptation in the killing of Al-Zubair . By the way they believe with Battle of the Camel.

May I can explain that contradiction in the following question , I ask any of shia people :
Assume i'm your friend lover to your heart? Assume I say you: your wife is prostitute ? What about our friendship ? Does our friendship still as it were ?

Now the main interesting question to me here is : Why Shia think they believe with Muhammad peace upon him in the same time they stab him honor ?

Addendum Aisha, may God be pleased with her, did not betray the Messenger, peace be upon him as his wife, while she is on his path and path


Being a wife or relative of a prophet does not automatically make one a good person or one that is worthy of praise. In fact if you are somehow close to a prophet and you are a bad person then you will be cursed for that more than those who are known to be enemies from the start.

For example in the Quran it says that the wives of Loot and Nuuh were not on the right path and they were made an example for non believing women. So did Allah stab the honor of those prophets when he mentioned their wives in this way?

Also the son of Nuuh, who went to a mountain instead of believing and going with his father to the ark, was mentioned in the Quran in a bad way. Again did Allah stab the honor of Nuuh when he mentioned his son in this way?

Further you you have Abo Lahab, the uncle of prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family), an entire chapter in the Quran curses him and has done so in more than 1400 years.

In Shia Islam people are measured by religion. So if a person is pious, religious, and has the correct faith he will be elevated. Sometimes to the point of being one of the prophet's family even if he has no biological ties to them. For example imam Jaffar Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) told Saad bin Abd Al-Malek "You are an Amawe from us The household of the prophet." (Al-Ikhtisas page 85) Also if a person strays away from the path then he is hated and cursed even if he is the son of a prophet or an imam.

Also according to Shia it was Aisha who, along with Hafsa, killed the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him and his family) by giving him poison (Tafseer Al-Aiashi part 1 page 200)

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  • But Aicha wife of Muhamed peace be upon him is different totally for wife of Nooh , Aycha follow mohamed peace be upon him and she never betray Mohamed peace be upon him – zeraoulia rafik May 11 at 1:11

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