I really want to know if i'm doing something haram. I like this boy and he likes me too, we chat to eachother but i don't look him as my boyfriend, were just close friends, we want to marry eatcchother in the future. Am i doing something haram?



what makes you think you're 'just friends' if you're both willing to get married soon? This might be just friendship for now, but it would eventually lead to haram tendencies. Chatting with him, talking with him, spending time with him, might just seem like friendship for now. But shaytan is patient. He'll slowly make you commit zina of the heart, or eyes or other worse sins. So it is better to let your parents know about this, they'll help you either get married soon, or decide somthing else which is right for you.

"when two people are alone together (illegally) ,then the third is shaitaan." (Bukhari)

So may Allah protect us all.

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