As-salaamu 'alaykum, I have a question about a situation that I'm in. A couple of days ago, I was sick and had a very high fever. A dear friend of mine took care of me and made sure I didn't exhaust myself so I can recover. I wasn't fasting because my temperature was too high, and if I were, it would have been dangerous. I later told my mother that I wasn't, and she got furious. She later when to complain to my father, and she began to raised her voice so loud it was hard to ignore, and I got embarrassed because my friend was present. Later I went to her to ask calmly why she was this mad and told her that I was too sick, and it would be too dangerous. All that happened was she got louder and vulgar; shamefully, my voice got loud too because I hate when anyone is vulgar toward me for no reason. Then I realized this was getting nowhere and started to leave as I was leaving she cusses me out and my friend and wrongfully blamed my friend is the reason why I'm not fasting and cussed them out. My friend heard and overcame with emotion, started crying. Fast forward to two days later; my mother apologized to me. I don't need an apology from my mom because she is my mom; I don't mind what she did because she's always been like that, and I grew to accept it. I asked her to apologize to my friend because they were one that got hurt, not me. My parents said no, my mom would not apologize because she said that she didn't do anything wrong, and its wrong/haram of me even to ask them to do it. My question is, is it wrong for me to ask that? Personally, I don't think so because I was raised to know that if I did something wrong/hurt, someone, then I should apologize. Thank you, and Ramadan Karim.

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