Wondering what some of the earliest Hadiths looked like, in terms of text. If the earliest Quran writings were in Kufi script like this:

enter image description here

...what did the earliest or most popular Hadiths look like? Do they use diacritics? Do they write in a particular font or use a specific typographic system?

  • The first ahadith were already written during the lifetime of the prophet. However it was not usual to write hadith (in fact a majority of Muslims considered it as haram or makruh mainly because of the fear to confound it with the qur'an). Al-Muwatta' is the earliest hadith collection that reached us, first due to oral transmission. Secondly it reached us as a complete collection. The Arabic script has actually developed due to the edition of the qur'an since the time of 'Othman and the script is ever since called' 'Othmani. – Medi1Saif May 2 at 9:02

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