I am a university student having full dependency on father for lifestyle cost. I live in a society where most of the people do follow Hanafi Mazhab. I did marry to someone in secret, whom my parents doesn't like, fearing to fall in zina. My parents even don't know whether i do contact with her. The marriage was conducted on the presence of my wife's guardian.I convinced them(wife's guardian) that i will handle my parents and take her responsibility after getting job. Recently i skim threw on a forum where i found that a dependent guy like me can not marry without parental consent. It will be a invalid marriage. But so far as i knew that man can marry without parental permission whether this is stongly needed for girls and i made that confirmed in my wife's case.

What is the rulling in my case when i used to go to her and did sex several of times. Does it counted as zina(adultery)?

Should i renew the marriage contract with my parental permission. What to do if they deny to permit me as i still doing my study.

Did i break any right of my parents that makes Allah angry on me to punish. Or it is something that is only be hated but not punishable. If i break any of their rights on me, and later they pardon me, would i be aggrieved in the judgement day ?

  • If you are a sane, adult, male then your parent's knowledge\consent is not a condition for the validity of your nikah. – UmH Apr 30 at 14:53

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