What if you feel like your not the person you are when you commit a sin meaning if I committing a sin I don't feel like it's me doing it but then after I realized it is me. I don't understand why it's like that because I never in my senses when I am committing a sin and I regret it right after and hate myself. But I always felt that its not me that is doing it, like I always feel like someone is controlling me and I cant stop them. After I always feel guilty for not stopping myself from committing a sin?


First of all understand that everyone is on a different path.Some have easy,some have difficult and some have something in between.Allah created freewill.Allah does what he wants,whats good and best for all his creation.He does not necessarily announce forgiveness. You should keep a positive intention when you think you are commiting a sin and if it becomes a sin repent.Following allahs commands is easy,difficult or somewhere in middle according to what he has planned for you.You should not worry too much.Just your intention is enough as the prophet said, just the intention of doing a task is better than doing the task itself.

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  • Honestly that helped me a-lot, thanks a lot for the fist question and also for the second questions. – RAMADANMUBARAK Apr 27 at 22:46

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