what to do if you commit a sin in ramadan and then you feel so ashamed to Allah that you can't even face him. like I cant bring myself to pray and ask for forgiveness because I asked Allah for forgiveness multiple times for same sin I make. I don't know what to do and how to bring myself to pray again. Are not devils locked up in ramadan than why am I making a sin even though I read Quran and pray 5 times a day but I still Made that sin made me hate myself. now I am avoiding salah thinking will Allah forgive me again? and feeling bad and ashamed in front of Allah.

  • How about asking Allah for forgiveness and repent? – Medi1Saif May 2 at 15:50

It is said in the month of ramadan,the doors of heaven are open,hell closed and the devils chained according to a saying of the prophet muhammad pbuh. This could mean that people are chaining devils by praying extra and entering heaven and being saved from hellfire.Or it could mean that the devil's evil whispering has stopped and we are doing it ourselves.There are many possibilities. If you do a sin repent as you would normally as the prophet told us the person who repents is like the one who hasnt sinned and the intention of doing a task is better than the task itself.

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