https://quran.com/24/33 https://quran.com/47/4

As I understand from the above 2 verses, captives of war were allowed to ransom themselves free. Did this also apply to the female captives of war? When they were captured, were they allowed to purchase their freedom etc. Lots of Hadith show that women taken as POW in the battles would be distributed as war booty. My question is, would these women have been given the option to purchase their freedom before becoming MMA (those your right hand possess)? If they were given the ability to free themselves through Mukataba, as stated in 24:33, were the masters obligated to free them if they had the money to ransom themselves? Thanks.

  • Basically what to do with the prisoners is the right of the caliph, he can choose the action which will be in the interest of the Muslims. He can refuse ransom if that makes sense, e.g. it does if freeing them will mean that they will re-join the enemy ranks and the interest of the Muslims is served by depleting the enemy's numbers. – UmH Apr 27 at 11:36

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