Actually i wanted to ask that if someone does not have an elder sister or brother in this world ,but he ir she always wanted one so will it be possible in jannat ?

  • You will get whatever you desire in Jannah. So the answer, in short, is yes
    – Yusha
    Aug 25 '20 at 15:32

Everyone has his/her own path to follow.Some get very easy life,some get very difficult life and others get somewhere in between.Allah made freewill and he can be hard to comprehend and at the same time easy to comprehend.


It's not really possible to understand what Jannat is like. But given that in the Islamic umma we are encouraged to think of all Muslim men as our brothers, and all Muslim women as our sisters then it's possible in Jannat that you will find that you have many brothers and sisters.


Yes,It Is Possible As You Can Get Anything You wish in Jannah.As In Jannah There Is Everything What Souls wish and desire.

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