I had a sex dream last night (there was no penetration but there was other sexual activities). There was no orgasm during the dream and when I woke up, I didn't find anything on my clothes, so basically I didn't ejaculate. My question is, do I have to take a shower(ghusl) even though I didn't ejaculate? Just because I had a dream about something sexual? If I don't take a shower, will that break my fast?


Firstly, a wet dream does not have any effect on fasting at all. It only effects your ritual purity for purposes like prayer, and ritual purity is not a condition for observing a fast.

Secondly, if you saw a dream but did not find any traces of fluid, then you do not need to perform ghusl.

عن الرجل يرى أنه قد احتلم، ولا يرى بللًا، فقال: لا غسل عليه

He was asked about a person who remembered that he had a sexual dream but did not find moisture. He replied: Ghusl is not necessary for him.

Sunan Abi Dawud

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