My father is very disturbing, i was asleep, but he made a little noises as he was watching something on his phone, this awoke me, and i told my sister to go and close his door, this made him angry and he started shouting my name, and asked me to come in his room, but because i was sleepy, i got annoyed as well and yelled at him that 'i wont come there' because of this, he got even more angrier and came to my room, and there, we had a big fight.

Now i regret it, but i am too shy to apologize him, because i know if i do, he will either shout at me or i don't know what he will do. so i made a dua to Allah with sincere heart. i have done this many times, but every time this happens, i promise Allah i wont do it, but i end up doing the same.

i am really sorry for what i did, but will Allah accept my apology and make things back to normal?

  • None of us knows about Allah's actions and whether or not He might accept our deeds and repentance or not (to answer this we should have the register of your deeds at hand and check it and even then we don't know how Allah will judge as He can see inside us, while we can only judge by the deeds of a person). We may recommend you do ask your father for forgiveness as long as he's alive and else ask Allah for forgiveness for both mistakes. – Medi1Saif Apr 21 at 15:56

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