Asalaamualaikum. I know there is a lot of debate about art and islam. When I heard art is haram I stopped drawing but it's made me really sad. I don't know what I can and cannot draw and it is very confusing. Is it ok to draw on my computer if I do not post it online and do not show it to anyone? Will Allah punish me on the Day of Judgement for my past drawings? What objects do and do not have a soul? Is it okay to colour in a colouring book?


No you'll be fine. The reason that it was prohibited was because people turned these idols into forms of worship over hundreds of years. You are not creating anything that will go public, and certainly not anything that will become an idol over time.

All the hadith on the issue were for specific instances and definitely do not apply to our situations where TVs are every present, billboards exist, there is art in everything from cartoons to advertisements to the logos on your laptop and mouse. Don't worry my sister your intention is pure and there is no problem.

And Allah knows best,

Salaam, Ahsan

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  • Thank you, May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be Upon You. – Faz-The-Hijabi Apr 17 at 0:25

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