From Tafsir Ibn Kathir:

No town has denied the truth and then believed when they saw the scourge, and then their belief benefited them, with the exception of the people of Yunus. When they lost their Prophet and they thought that the scourge was close upon them, Allah sent through their hearts the desire to repent. So they wore woolen fabrics and they separated each animal from its offspring. They then cried out to Allah for forty nights. When Allah saw the truth in their hearts and that they were sincere in their repentance and regrets, He removed the scourge from them.

Does this imply that each and every individual of that Ummah became a believer? Is Prophet Yunus (Jonah) the only Prophet to have his entire Ummah turn to Allah (esp after he left them without Allah's permission & was eaten alive by a fish only to repent and be forgiven by Allah)?

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