I read in ibn al jawzis work talbis iblis that shiism believes fatima washed herself before her death so that it would suffice for funeral wash. (Page 177 english translation)

Is this narration correct, if its correct how does it take care of any discharges from anus and private part post death? Secondly how does she know shes going to die in few minutes or hours? Doesnt this contradict shia view of imams only being inheritors of knowledge?


It is definitely wrong. Shia believes After Fatima Al-Zahra (Salamullah Allayha) passed away, his husband Imam Ali (Allayhe Assalam) washed her body at night (gave her Ghusl) and buried her at night. In one narration Imam Ali (Allayhe Assalam) dug 40 graves for her so that no one discovers her grave and it remains unknown till now.


Did fatima bath before her death so that none washed her body?

In a nutshell:

It has been narrated/proved based on diverse ways that: Imam Ali (a.s.) has done Ghusl for Hazrat-Fatimah (s.a.).

Reference: https://www.yjc.ir/fa/news/7227662/

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