I live in very tiny house n sleep on floor. I have a bed on floor made of up blanket and 2 sheets folded to make it soft. My question is if it is permissible to pray namaz on it? I found reference here but it is unclear how soft is too soft? Because blanket is made up of cotton or/and wool.

  • Just to be clear, you're referring to doing a normal namaz while effectively using the bed as a prayer mat? not doing a namaz while lying in bed, correct? – goldPseudo Apr 7 at 0:00
  • Correct @goldPseudo – localhost Apr 7 at 0:18
  • You have be able to feel the ground with your forehead, or salah is invalid. I have been warned against using even a thick prayer mat, and to be extra careful when I do. I personally would not risk reading salah on the case you mention. Have you considered reading outdoors instead? – moinudin Apr 7 at 2:09

Hi do do you put a prayer mat on the blankets?.. Knowledge I have is if you don't have space at all then maybe acceptable and if its paak

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