Can someone shed some light on the variant below :

Ukaz, Majanna and Dhul-Majaz were marketplaces in the Pre-Islamic period of ignorance. When Islam came, Muslims felt that marketing there might be a sin. So, the Divine Inspiration came: "There is no harm for you to seek the bounty of your Lord (in the seasons of Hajj)." (2.198) Ibn `Abbas recited the Verse in this way. (Sahih al-Bukhari 2050 Book 34, Hadith 4)

Can this mode of recitation be considered abrogated?


It is an irregular (شاذة) qira'a. It is to be interpreted as an explanatory addition (tafsir) by a sahabi, not part of the Quran itself.


وقراءة بن عباس في مواسم الحج معدودة من الشاذ الذي صح إسناده وهو حجة وليس بقرآن

فهي على هذا من القراءة الشاذة وحكمها عند الأئمة حكم التفسير

— Fath al-Bari 4\290 , 3\595

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