Here’s an example, On the Uno app, you collect coins either through earning them by completing challenges or you can purchase them with your own money. With the coins, you gamble to play against other players online. So if I purchase coins with my own money and I play the game (gamble with them) would that still be classed as haram or halal? A relative keeps telling me it’s not gambling as it’s only a purchase made and you won’t receive real money back (from the proportion that the opponents have gambled with). Also if I am right (that it is classed as gambling) can someone please share some evidence as well?

  • In some non-islamic countries that kind of microtransaction usage it's considered gambling, for example the GTA V Casino gambling is forbidden in Portugal even if you're not allowed to revert the currency back to real one. So I'd assume yes it's still haram since you're dealing with a virtual currency. See this ayat 2:275. – AnteDeum Mar 28 at 19:21

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