It is commonly known that imam Malik concentrated 7 years on ibn Hurmuz بن هرمز only during his time of studying and there are statements that he followed him 13 years. There are many reports about how keen Malik was to follow and get special study time with his teacher ibn Hurmuz (he even tricked his mates for this as reported) . But nevertheless without having checked the whole al-Muwatta' nor any other hadith of Malik in other hadith collections. After answering Who is Abu Zinad and Al-Araj in Imam Malik's Muwatta? I started wondering why seemingly all ahadith from Malik via ibn Hurmuz (also known as al-'Araj الأعرج) go via the intermediate of abu az-Zinad (ibn Dhakwan عبد الله بن ذكوان) or other intermediate such as ibn Shihab or Yahya ibn Sai' d. As ibn Hurmuz died 117 a. H. and Malik was born 93 a. H. there's a good chance that Malik has met him.

Is there any hadith report of Malik without intermediate from ibn Hurmuz (al-'Araj) ?

If not why?
Some of my own speculations:
Is it possible that the teacher of imam Malik and ibn Hurmuz (al-'Araj) are two different people?
Is it possible that ibn Hurmuz (al-' Araj) had already left Medina and was far away from his Hometown for more than 10 years?

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