Salamualaikum,I have a question where by I have two people that I am seeing one of them like me and my dad know about him and the other one we like each other but my dad doesn’t know him,I prayed istikhara about them and I slept,I know it’s not necessary that you dream but I did.the first one I had a dream where someone told me not to marry someone..I saw a face but it’s neither of them but I feel like in the dream they meant the 2nd guy soo I am confused if it’s him or not,so I decide to pray the next day and I had a dream again that it’s my wedding day with the 1st guy and he followed me with a gun trying to shoot me.so my question here is about the first dream..do I conclude that they are both not good for me?

  • Dream interpretation is off-topic. We can't make decisions nor conclusions for you. This question is totally subjective and not answerable within the scope of our site. To learn more about our site and model and what is on-topic here I strongly suggest you to take the tour and check our help center. – Medi1Saif Feb 14 at 14:19

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