My company currently has given me the project which is making software for beer company for all the operation that done at production line for beer manufacturing and there packaging. If I work on this project then it will be haram.? Jazak allahu khairan

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I have found a question similar to yours answered from a respected Sheikh. Here is a quote:

If you're building something that you know - certainly - will be used - primary - for prohibited purposes, such as selling weapons, gambling, liquor or pork products, then this is a prohibited act.

God said: "Aid one another towards the common good and righteousness, and aid not one another towards vice and aggression."

Source: Here


I had the same situation 2 month back so I wrote to Shaikh:

I have an offer to work with New York City Department of Liquor Authority as a software engineer! In Islam, is it halal to work with such kind of departments?

And here was the answer:

No, it's not allowed. Because of it issues permit of liquors. May Allah provide you with something better.

See some hadeeths:

Sahih al-Bukhari - Narrated `Aisha:

When the last Verses of Surat-al-Baqara were revealed, the Prophet (ﷺ) read them in the Mosque and prohibited the trade of alcoholic liquors.


You can find the answer in this link; go to 44:14 if it doesn't open up there:


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