Assalamou ailekom I would like to know if my prayers are accepted or not if I have a dog in the my house. My brother adopted it without permission from us but we had to keep it since we got emotionally attached to it. I know that angels don't enter the houses of people who keep their dogs in their houses and that's dogs are just permissible if they are guard dogs. We see it as a pet but it can serve as a guard dog too maybe because when guests or strangers are comming to our house the dog goes to window so we know that someone is coming. So I'm a little confused if it's a sin or not in our case to keep the dog. Thank you in advance.


From what I know, which isn't a lot, having a dog inside your house is not permissible, if you want to keep it as a guard dog you can keep it outside your house, however in cases of cold the dog can not come inside the house. You can feed it by placing it food in a bowl or something, but make sure to avoid it licking you. In general, your interaction with this dog should be minimized. I think a cat would be a beautiful option for a pet, also I am not sure how religious your family is but there should be no such thing as a child disobeying their parents if not asked something haram or beyond their capability. It is your responsibility to advise your brother too, May Allah grant you peace and guidance. Salam

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