My mother was having a tough time but she stopped doing shirk long time ago but because of her predicaments she started doing shirk again and she introduced me into it but I was completely unawear that it was a sin because the shirk man would say this is quranic writing and would tell us to say Bisimilah because I was never a muslimah I never knew this was wronged untill one day God introduced Islam into me I started praying eventhou im still practising to wear hidjab anyways I threw away every shirk iteam that I was given but because I did shirk unknowing or knowing will I go to hell? And also im constantly thinking of death what does this signify plz help me I'm in serious depression

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Islam erases what before it .. The prophet Muhammad said and to the people who said the god is Christ, the son of Mary he say to them (Do they not repent to God? and ask forgiveness from him? And God is Forgiving,and Merciful)surat al almaaida ayah 17,,,he said in the end of the ayah And God is Forgiving,and Merciful to tell them if the ask the forgiveness he will forgive them because he is Forgiving,and Merciful and he said to Israelis when the disobey Mouse and do shirk (Those who did bad things then repented after that and believed that your Lord after that would have a merciful gopher)Surat almaaida ayah 153 so if you now repented and believed and don not back to shirk the god will forgive you our god is God is Forgiving,and Merciful

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