i'm new here. Can you tell me on how to pronounce these six difficult-sounding letters from the Quran: ص, ض, ط, and ظ? But tell me with easy ways.

Thank you if answered!

  • Search youtube videos and see. Some videos describe with pictures – user14974 Jan 8 '20 at 20:18
  • @AmerYR that might be a good advise for the first step learning Arabic, but not for learning qur'an recitation. As the qur'an must be learnt by oral transmission from teacher to student. – Medi1Saif Jan 10 '20 at 10:43

First note that your question title is asking about 6 letters while the content only reveals 4!

The best way is to look for a hafidh who has a connected chain to the prophet and learn from him the so called makharij al-Huruf مخارج الحروف first. See also Need proper pronunciation of various Arabic alphabets to read Quran correctly

IMHO ظ is the only difficult letter among the quoted ones. All others have more or less close equivalents in latin:

ط an emphasized "t" (like in talk)
ض an emphasized "d" (like in door)
ص an emphasized "s" (like in sorry)

The letter ظ is mostly close to an english "th" with a d-sound (not a t-sound) in the background.

Further more the letters that usually cause issues are:

غ (some languages just don't have this sound)
ذ vs ز vs ظ the main difference is in a nuance of the pronunciation.
ض vs د (however I listened to a Turkish imam who confused ض with ط (so a confusion based on the notation is also possible and might be the reason for asking this question).
ت vs ث (vs in cases ط) which usually are difficult even for some Arabic natives.
س vs ص (vs ش for those who mistake in the notation)

Some other possible mistakes due to the similar notation could occur for:
ق and ف
ع and غ
ج, ح and خ
ر and ز

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