In 2013, Sheik scholar Hamza Yusuf mentions said hadith in his Youtube video at video time stamp 31:09. But, the number of the hadith is skipped.

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This is the hadith being referred to:

تقيء الأرض أفلاذ كبدها، أمثال الأسطوان من الذهب والفضة، فيجيء القاتل فيقول: في هذا قتلت، ويجيء القاطع فيقول: في هذا قطعت رحمي، ويجيء السارق فيقول: في هذا قطعت يدي، ثم يدعونه فلا يأخذون منه شيئا

The earth will vomit out pieces of its liver, like columns of gold and silver. The murderer will come and will say: "It was for this that I killed." The one who severed the ties of kinship will come and say: "It was for this that I severed the ties of kinship." The thief will come and say: "It was for this that my hand was cut off." Then they will leave it and not take anything from it.

Sahih Muslim , كتاب الزكاة


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