My question is I have committed zina while i was separated from my husband but i am back with husband because we have kids and i never thought im going to get back with my husband, i regret so much by committing sin, i am regretting that i made my marriage dirty bu doing such an act thats is haram in islam and is a Kabira gunna, i made mistake and i never though i could do something like this but i was lost and confused I ask Allah pak for forgiveness and i offer 5 times salah for Allah to forgive me and make me good muslima,

i feel guilty that i should not be with my husband now because i have committed zinna unknowingly that il get back with my husband and now i am not forgiving myslef when i go near him as my guilt does not let me have relationship with my husband so i am having so many thoughts of leaving my husband because of my sin, but then i cant do that either because my children will be without dad,

Please advice me what to do i do not want to leave my husband, as i have realised that without my husband i have no life and no happiness we were separated due to his family was causing issues and he was bot supporting me and was giving his familys side. JazakAllah

  • Why disclose what is already concealed? Do you want stone?
    – Rafid
    Dec 20, 2019 at 4:34

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"Declare to My servants, that I am truly the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful." [Aya 49 - surah Al hijr 15]

"And that My torment is indeed the most painful torment." [Aya 50 - surah Al hijr 15]

Repent and know that Allah swt is all forgiving and all merciful. since you regret what you did, Allah swt will fogive you insha Allah. do not tell anyone about your sin and leave it as it has never happened. and do not ever put yourself in such a situation that leads to commit the same sin again. repent and never think about it again.

if you are back with your husband, and there is no problems, life is back to normal. then do not let shaytan ruin it for you.

this is my opinion and I believe that Allah's mercy is greater than his anger, and it is only shaytan who is making us feel bad and whispering to us that allah is not going to forgive us, and that we do not deserve what we have right now, and keep reminding us of our bad deeds in the past, whether it happened yesterday or a year ago. Shaytans goal is to ruin and corrupt whatever makes you happy and whatever allah wants for you.