A little bit of context before the question: I were at a restaurant and pretty much every woman there was wearing makeup which is common and I don’t really see it as a bad thing but according to some it is bad. So then I saw that a group of women were wearing hijab and makeup and I was confused. The main point of the hijab is for modesty but wearing makeup basically takes away the modesty part as makeup just seems to be a form of attracting attention. Is it permissible to wear makeup and wear a hijab or not?


If your thinking that she shouldn’t wear make up just because it’s a woman only area and sectioned then should she be ok with not wearing a hijab as well? You wear a hijab in public so that men don’t feel sexual desires when looking at you. Wearing make up defeats the purpose of wearing a hijab. There is no grey area with religion. It’s either yes or no, right or wrong.

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  • It's also not as simple as "yes and no"; e.g. kohl. Is it haram to wear make-up?. Jan 26 '20 at 1:29

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