Analyzing the chain (isnad) of hadith is essential for authentication. Comparison of the content (matn) of the hadiths can also be very helpful. I am looking for any computational tools that may exist for tracking chains of narrations or keeping up with all the different narrators, discontinuities, etc for different hadiths. Additionally, having a tool that could easily compare hadith contents would be helpful. I guess I could make my own for content analysis, I think, based on sunnah.con's API (IIRC).

Anything and everything that could be helpful would be appreciated! Even a family tree of narrators would be nice.

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    Islamweb library used to have some relevant functionality: cross-references and grading of each chain. You can also find some databases of hadith transmitters on google, e.g. this. – UmH Dec 7 '19 at 16:34
  • Great thank you! – Alex Strasser Dec 7 '19 at 19:27

After some further investigation (with input from the comment above), here are my preliminary results.


People currently working on computational hadith analysis:

  • Irene Kirchner, PhD student at Georgetown University
  • Mairaj Syed, professor at UC Davis
  • Others not listed that are included from the papers below

Relevant Academic Papers:

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