In the name of Allah,

Why is shahada placed first in the five pillars of islam? I got this question recently by my counterpart

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    What makes you think there's any reason for this beyond the fact that any list of five things is gonna have to have a "first"? – goldPseudo Nov 24 at 10:49
  • @goldPseudo good point, thanks – Rafid Nov 24 at 10:52

Simply speaking as without performing, understanding its meaning and believing it you'll never be a Muslim.

So without the two testimonies الشهادات the shahaddatan all your worship is invane. As your prayer, your fast, your zakah and hajj won't be accepted.

Nevertheless be aware that the five pillars hadith is one hadith speaking about the most essential things that a Muslim should fulfill of which there are many with different content.

  • thanks, upvoted – Rafid Nov 24 at 20:10

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