One of the first things I learned about Islam is that horoscope is kufr and magic and prayers are not accepted for 49 days. But one day, out of curiosity I browsed the horoscope on the internet not with the intention of believing it but out of curiosity of knowing. What kind of stuff do they tell that attracts so many people to the point that they are present almost in all media and newspapers. This the first case. The second case is that I simply clicked the horoscope in a media web with only a superficial look at what kind of tv program it was and only read the titles without going into details. My question is: Will my salat not be accepted for 40 days because of what I did in both cases?

  • First you should learn to read, understand and distinguish: horoscope making is kufr (maybe depends on the intention as anything you do depends on this), believing it is kufr and wasting your time by reading it is certainly not a good deed, but it is not kufr as long as you don't believe what it might tell you. And I don't understand how this can have an impact on your prayer on where do you get the 40 days from! – Medi1Saif Nov 18 '19 at 10:12

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