I heard about a Hadith (3 types of people that will be saved from hellfire) according to which praying 4 rakat before Duhr and 4 rakat after Duhr makes Jahannam fire Haram for a person's body (skin).

How do we pray these 4 rakats?

For example in Hanafi school Duhr consists of: 4 rakat Sunnah, 4 rakat Fard and 2 rakat Sunnah => total 10 rakat. Does the Hadith mean we must pray 4+10+4=18 rakats.

And what do we say as niyyat?


Duhr means the 4 Fard rakat. The rakat before and after Duhr in the hadith are the Sunnah rakat. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/91290/virtue-of-praying-four-rakahs-before-and-after-zuhr

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