Salam, and I want to say that it is a really serious question,

I want to know if it is prohibited to make "jokes" not necessary on people, but to be funny by nature,

I always need to turn normal, serious, sad, situation into funny moments by bringing some humour, I use exagerations alot, and it is quiet a habit in my familly. Not all people like it but I've always been like that.

Should I avoid it ? I know that Lokman spoke about this topic to his son but I want more verses/Hadiths

EDITION : I do not "laugh" high (I rarelly laugh), it's in general in low voice, I notice some things that people around me do not see and it's in general funny, It's not "clown" behave.

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Jokes are not prohibited but we should limit how much we joke around.

Per hadith, those who remember death often are the wisest so if you're turning serious situations whereby people are remembering Allah (ﷻ) into "funny moments" where their attention is diverted, it's a foolish thing to do. Moreover, if your goal is to make people laugh then it's said that excessive laughing deadens the heart which is because, same reason, it leads to distraction and heedlessness of what's important.

Does that mean Islam has no place for humor? No. It just means that there is a time and place for this along with boundaries. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) himself sometimes also used humor to teach people, but it was always good and informative.. and it wasn't a constant thing.

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

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