I was born in Albania. Without intending to offend my country but my perception since childhood was that 99% of people around me were so atheist that they didn't even doubt the theory of evolution. In this environment combined with my ocd I lost sensitivity to some issues or the other way around became hypersensitive. In my country almost all girls were miniskirts and pornography was rampant. I developed the habit of masturbating and trying all the time to imagine things that would excite my sexually the greatest. But later it became a reflex the desire to imagine naked things without being connected to masturbation or sexual feelings. It became some sort of normal thing. After I converted to Islam, 5 years later one day I walk up and thought: What if i imagined naked the prophet's and his wives or the sahabah and their wives to reach sexual arousal, would that be a kufr size sin and why? Is it a matter of disrespect? What are the elements that cause it to be kufr or major or minor? To this day I don't know with certainty. Because one of the main elements of OCD people is that they have some kind of regress in the psychosexual development between the ages 2 - 6 and scientists think that this is how and when OCD ic caused. The second question is when you imagine naked things without sexual feelings or intentions. You imagine them without associating them with sexual feelings. As if you are imagining something as ordinary as a door or window or a tree🌲 The question that worries me the most is : What if you imagined them naked in context: Example: Someone depicts naked a prophet and sahabah and I think within myself. They imagine our prophet in that state, and i imagine him naked in the context of thinking how they depicted him. But I have no intention of insulting him. My only intention is to think what they think. My only intention is to imagine how they insulted or depicted the prophets or sahabah.

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I believe what you think, are your thoughts, in fact these are not your thoughts. That's what Shetan (Devil) brings to your mind, if you do not pay attention at all and you do not discuss such things with others, (stay totally disconnected from it) you are all good. Keep your self busy in zikar


You cannot stop your taught, god gives you the ability to think in many different ways included thinking sexual about anyone, so i don't believe it's your fault for thinking somting like that. trust me your not the only one with taught like this.

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