The reason is I like to go that field which Air Hostess. But there some passenger ask us to give wine or something which prohibited in Islam while flight travelling. So if a Muslim can I give that to them. If not what is other way

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As salamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakah. If you are female, there are a lot more bariers for you, in short the job is not for a muslim girl/women. But if you are male, then you can't just do the job if you have to serve wine or anything haram. So, before applying to any airline company, you must make that clear, anything haram, you're not going to do. So, you should carefully read terms and conditions. However, if you can't find a job in the airline companies then it's fine, if you sacrifice what you love for Allah, you will get love and satisfaction of Allah, and that's what matters to a muslim.

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