Bharat maata ki jay is a popular slogan in India, literally translating to "Victory to Mother India."

A few years ago, a Muslim leader in the country came out against this slogan, deeming it un-Islamic and encouraging Muslims to chant "Jai Hind" (literally, "Victory to India") instead. He claimed that "Mother India" is a Hindu deity and chanting "Victory to Mother India" would amount to shirk. Other Islamic organisations in India followed suit.

It is to be noted that several Muslims, prominently those involved in the Indian freedom movement, have used this slogan vocally, see here.

  1. What is the Islamic ruling on this? Is this slogan haraam as it associates a Hindu godess to Allah (subahanahu wa'tala)?
  2. Can a Muslim use this if he refers to the nation India, and not the deity?

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