This question has some kind of similarity with the previous question< I need to comprehend the definition of deliberately bringing kufr thoughts to mind. All the cases. Please may Allah reward you > but it is 90 percent different. The two answers of this question said that imagining a kufr statement or kufr voice is kufr or at least major sin that risks your Iman. Then, what is the difference with someone that reads the bible out of curiosity. When you read the bible you surely read an enciclopedia of sentences that are blasphemous and kufr. Isn't the reading of those sentences equivalent to deliberately bringing blasphemous and kufr thoughts to mind? Because, one answer in Islam stack exchange said that it is permissible to read the bible for research and knowing how to respond to christians. Whether for research or knowing how to respond to christians, you certainly bring to mind those blasphemous sentences of the bible when you read it. Muslimah and Abdulmalik answered my previous question. I invite them to answer this question too, because it is closely related to them and are more suitable to answer this question. I invite every muslim from islam stack exchange to answer this question if he thinks he knows the answer. I also ask Muslimah and Abdulmalik, whether they are scholars and how much they know of Islam. If they are scholars or knowledgeable, their opinion is equivalent to the opinion of the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia.

  • This is another question which uses a bad example to explain something seemingly none, but you think exists. – Medi1Saif Sep 2 at 13:39

If you are not trained in Islamic knowledge, this is not recommended according to hadith. If you are an "aleem", then you can use the Quran as a "Furkhan" to sort the authentic from the questionable or blasphmous.

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