Does soul exist inside our body, does soul has any gender, how can I find that I have a soul , what is the concept of soul in Islam.

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    humans have very limited knowledge about the soul, many things are still secret – Rafid Jan 23 '20 at 18:49

According to my best knowledge

1. The soul exists inside your brain or in whole body but you can't find it it is intangible like it belongs to other dimension which humans can't reach.

2. It is ambiguous that soul have gender but there is two categories good soul and bad souls in Islam which are immortals but they must have to leave your body to become immortal.

3. The concept is of soul is that you your body just physical representation in this temporary world your soul will get rewarded or punished according to your virtues

NOTE:remember i am not scholar this is just community contribution so might still need to refer to scholar.


Let me give you answers on your questions. I hope you can get closer to understanding the concept of soul in Islam by reading my answers.

Do I have a soul?

Answer: Yes. You have. All creatures created by God (Allah) have souls.

Does soul exist inside our body?

It is not sth that could exist inside you. It's simply YOU yourself, but not your physical being.

Do souls have genders?

No. Gender and sexuality are related to your biological being, which help you reproduce. Souls are immortal, therefore they do not need to reproduce, so it's not even logical for a soul to be either male or female.

How can I find out if I have a soul?

Your soul is your inner being. As I said, your soul is simply YOU.

If you look for your soul like an organ inside your body, then you are thinking of it as a 'living' object; and all living creatures will finally die. But souls are immortal. So it's not good to think like your soul is in your head.

Let me explain this with an example for you. You can remember your memories because your memory (which is in your brain) can bring them back. And you can feel those memories because YOU were in them. YOU yourself, your 'self', your inner being was once there. And now that you remember those, you are still yourself.

Some things have changed from then, like your age. But some things haven't changed (and won't ever change); like the person you have been since your birth until right now. That's how God will know "who" and "why" to punish or give reward.

What is concept of soul in Islam?

In Islam, souls are beings that make up the spiritual portion of a human being. As you may know already, any human being, has 2 "dimensions"; a spiritual dimension and a biological/physical one. Your biological/physical dimension is your body, its inner organs and other things like that. Your spiritual dimension consists of your soul. Your biological/physical dimension is not meant to last forever. But your spiritual dimension is IMMORTAL, which means that it won't die, NEVER.

Souls are considered the beings which will exist even after you die, and they will the ones responsible for what you- as a human being who once used to lived as a creature- did when you were alive. That's how Allah will know who to punish for their bad deeds.

I hope you understood well and it helped you.


And they ask you [O Muhammad] concerning the rooh [the spirit]. Say: ‘The rooh: it is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little.’ [Quran, Surah al-Israa 17:85]”

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