Salaam Alaikum. Please for the sake of Allah give me a long and clear answer that clarifies this matter well even if you have to research your books. I know well that repentance for the remission of sins is enough. And i am well aware of the conditions of repentance, such as remorse for sin, the determination not to return to sin. But if it was so easy to repent, there would be no calamity throughout Islamic world. But the effect of sins is so great that Abu Bakr has more iman than the rest of the Ummah. How many scholars were born in a deeply religious environment with little opportunity to sin and yet Abu Bakr alone has more faith than all of them put together. My question is: I know the conditions of repentance and I know that repentance forgives more sins. But from the encyclopedia of the dhikr of the Islamic religion, which dhikr forgives more sins, astagfirullah or la ilaha ilallah? Reading the Qur'an or saying la ilaha ilallah? Saying the greatest dua for forgiveness or la ilaha ilallah? Saying the greatest dua for forgiveness or reading the Koran? Please tell me about these 4 cases I told you about each case who forgives more sins.


Brother if you really worry of your sins, pray as much salah's as you can, ask Allah by crying for forgiveness in sujood and duas, until your hearts become light. Do this right now. Remember namaz(salah) is the best form of prayer, and ask for forgiveness. Inshallah Allah may provide your heart comfort.

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