What is the food for people in hell because some verses of the Qur'an say that it will only be pus while others say it will be boiling water and the zaqqum tree? Is there a contradion in the Quran about what the Food for people in hell fire is?

  • Do you eat one type of food in life? Why should heaven and hell be different? Diversity is cool! – infatuated Aug 16 at 4:50
  • Please cite the relevant verses and do not leave people guessing with regards to what you are referring to. The obvious answer is that there is no contradiction but the verses can be combined. For example there are multiple states of punishment and levels of Hell, one verse is addressing the condition of one group while the other is addressing the condition of another group. – UmH Aug 16 at 12:57
  • Please consider quoting the relevant verses and read How to Ask. – Medi1Saif yesterday

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