I am a 28 years old man. I have an incredible desire to be emotionally and physically attached to someone of the opposite gender. However, I do not like the idea of providing for her and the children. I might be able to compromise on providing for her but I will never be in favor of having children. I have been looking all my life and here I am. Turning 29 but unable to find someone who would agree on my conditions. Yet, I still stand my ground and do not want anyone who disagrees with my conditions even if I have to live the rest of my life single. My question is, can I satisfy my desires through masturbation and am I commiting a sin by not marrying. Provided my circumstances.

  • This post includes two questions that are widely answered on the site: Is not marrying a sin: No. Is satisfying desires by masturbation in order not to commit a sin halal: Yes for some scholars others (the majority) consider masturbation haram. Your circumstances are not special: You won't die if you neither married nor stop masturbating.
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You're not badly being sinned for not wanting to be married, but it is preferred for you to be married in Islam

For sex

Islam says that sexual urge should be fulfilled only through marriage.

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