This just popped back in my head. So i bought an online item some other time. And i did not really like it so i refunded it. I got my money back but i still had the item (which i didn't want to). So i think i started stressing and getting anxious about it, because of course, it could have been stealing or riba. So i had another account which doesn't have the item. I bought the item in that account but i never really use that account.

My question is: do i still have to pay or is what i have done enough?

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    Can you elaborate more. Normally a refund is issued after the item is refunded. In rare cases when the shipment cost is significant, a seller may partially refund the money and ask the buyer to keep the item as a gift. – Ahmed Aug 5 at 7:33
  • I am not exactly sure what you mean but i’ll just say this. I basically payed for the item. Didn't like it, refunded it, realised it was still in my collection, i didn't ask for that and i thought it would just be gone, also this is an online transaction, so no physical equipment or anything. So i thought to myself i should repay them. Now that i repayed them their money, is the item on my other account ok to keep, or do i still owe them money? Also this kind of refund is just a fast one. Basically i just choose my reason why i want a refund then it's done. – sml fan since 2010 Aug 5 at 19:19

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