Lately I went to perform ghusl al-Janabah (very early after intercourse). But when I finished it I realized that there was still some semen pouring out.

Is my ghusl valid or do I have to redo it in such a case?

Otherwise asked: Do I regain taharah only if I the semen was entirely washed away or is it sufficient to perform ghusl by washing ones body?

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The mentioned liquid/emission is either madhi, in case ejaculation of semen not taking place and is due to sexual arousal, or, wadhi, in case of the ejaculation of semen taking place. In both case the liquid is pure/tahir and you do not have to redo your ghusul or purify yourself.

It is also recommended to urinate after ejaculation of semen.

  • A reference would be appreciated.
    – ياsr
    Aug 16, 2019 at 7:04

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