I get infinitely confused on ghusl.
1) we wash our hands.
2) we wash our genital organ.
3) we wash our hands.
4) we take wodo like the wodo for salat.
5) we wash our head.
6) we wash our entire body.
7) we wash our feet.
I get confused between the 3-rd and 4-rth step. My question is: Is the washing of the hands during the 3-rd step part of the wodo or it is separate and you have to wash the hands another time during the 4-th step as part of the wodo? Second question is: I get confused with the number of times. Is the genital organ washed three times just like the hands? Are the feets at the end of ghusl washed three times just like the hands at the beginning of ghusl?

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    This is a madhhab based matter you'd ease things by adding the info of which madhhab you follow. The qur'an only requests that water reaches all your body. – Medi1Saif Jul 9 at 15:40

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